Best Jobs for Work-Life Balance

It may be a challenging task to establish a healthy work-life balance as you try to pay your rent, advance in your career, and have a sense of fulfillment at the end of the workday. However, it’s compulsory because work-life imbalance steals from your time and energy in terms of spending the work hours productively and resting and sparing time for your loved ones. As a result, your stress level rockets up, putting you in an endless loop. In this sense, a worker struggling to get out of a work-life imbalance resembles an Ouroboros, eating its tail. 

Most people try to avoid getting a job that causes poor work-life balance while they search for jobs. What are the jobs with a great work-life balance that people seek, then?

Read on to learn about the best jobs for work-life balance.

20 Best Jobs for Work-Life Balance

Content Manager

A content manager creates and publishes content. They are the head of a content team that produces strategies for the relevant company’s promotion.

Since content managers typically work remotely nowadays, they can build a healthy work-life balance by following some steps such as unplugging after the work hours are completed, taking breaks, and setting boundaries. 

Copy Editor

The task of a copy editor is to edit the content created by writers. The editing covers grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The primary objective of a copy editor is to make sure contents are ready for publishing: error-free and readable. 

Copy editors usually work remotely. Therefore they have the opportunity to establish a good work-life balance.

Web Designer

Web designers create and organize all the components of websites like features, looks, and layouts. 

Since web designing is generally a remote position, it’s easier to find a balance between work and life for web designers if they set their minds to it and implement some rules. 

Marketing Assistant

Marketing assistants help marketing managers in regulating marketing projects. They do this by developing budget spreadsheets for marketing, researching marketing data, and many other marketing-related tasks.

Both marketing manager and marketing assistant positions are typically location-independent in our day. Remote working allows a better chance to build a good work-life balance.

Project Analyst

A project analyst implements data analysis and conducts performance evaluations throughout projects, making sure the information is received and processed by all relevant parties. Monitoring and documenting the phases of a project is another task that project analysts may be responsible for. 

Since the job can be done remotely, it allows a better work-life balance. 

Creative Manager

The responsibilities of a creative manager include conducting projects that create marketing, web communication, and advertising media. 

Similar to the previously mentioned positions, the opportunity of remote working causes creative management to be one of the ideal jobs for a good work-life balance. 

Corporate Recruiter

Corporate recruiters, as the title suggests, recruit the most suitable candidates for open positions at corporate.

Recruitment processes are frequently conducted online these days. Hence, corporate recruiters can build a good work-life balance. Even if they work on-site, they don’t work overtime to get candidate appointments.

Data Analyst

A data analyst gathers, analyzes, and accumulates data on a variety of content such as sales numbers or market trends. They help companies to become more informed and productive by interpreting the data they collect and store. 

User Experience Designer

UX designers design the interface and other features of apps and games to provide a better experience to the user of the relevant product.

Since UX designers typically work remotely, they get a better chance at getting their work-life balance in order by implementing some rules. 

Program Analyst

The responsibilities of a program analyst include building and administering new computer programs, and troubleshooting and improving the functionality of the already existing ones.

It’s a location-independent position that allows regulating your priorities to build a healthy work-life balance.

Front-end Developer

A front-end developer’s responsibilities include website designing and testing the functionalities of the designed websites. They also make sure web pages demonstrate proper aesthetics. 

It’s mostly an online position, enabling the developer to set a good work-life balance.

Software Engineer

The main tasks of a software engineer are creating information systems and testing the validation of the already existing ones. 

It’s a position where you can work remotely and regulate your work-life balance. 

Mobile Developer

The responsibilities of a mobile developer include developing mobile apps, and testing and enhancing these mobile apps in terms of usability.

Working remotely is the charm of being a mobile developer regarding a tremendous work-life balance.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps refers to information technology and development operations. The professionals and engineers in this line of work are responsible for various tasks in the computer science industry. Scripting, coding, and network operations are examples of these tasks. 

The aspect of working remotely in such a position makes it ideal for establishing a healthy work-life balance. 

Data Scientist

Data scientists examine, understand, and analyze data as to how it impacts organizations and industries. It’s a job that can be worked remotely. Hence a great fit for a healthy work-life balance. 

Strategy Manager

Offering expert advice to businesses about how to grow by taking the littlest risk possible is the main responsibility of strategy managers. Working together with C-level professionals, they form strategies to help businesses to succeed in their objectives.

Personal Trainer

A personal trainer helps those who exercise at gyms to get into a routine by preparing appropriate programs for them. 

Being a personal trainer is ideal in terms of building and maintaining a work-life balance because a PT can’t take their trainees home with them. 

Substitute Teacher

A substitute teacher is someone who takes over the responsibilities of a regular teacher in their absence due to sickness or vacation. Since their responsibilities are temporary, they’re able to balance work and personal life.


An orthodontist is a dentist who’s specialized in jaw and teeth issues that require the use of aligners and braces. They also fix overbites, underbites, and teeth crowding.

Since they can't take a set of teeth home with them, they’re able to establish a balance between their work hours and personal life.


Hairdressers cut and design the style of their clients’ hair. A hairdresser can't take their work home. Moreover, the hairdressing industry allows you to take an off day or a vacation whenever you want without restrictions. All these perks lead the way toward a solid work-life balance. 

The Wrap-up

Establishing a healthy work-life balance depends on your line of work, your boss, and your colleagues. However, it depends on you for the most part. 

Of course, working one of the jobs we listed above is a great advantage. But knowing yourself and taking the steps toward a healthy work-life balance goes a long way. Taking breaks and vacations, suppressing your inner perfectionist, taking one task at a time, not working or thinking about work after the work hours are done, and unplugging when the workday’s over are some strategies to balance your work life with your personal life. Always remember to spare time for yourself and your loved ones, because a healthy work-life balance also brings about a more productive career.

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