Portugal Golden Visa Statistics – Updated in April 2023

Portugal Golden Visa is a highly favored residency by investment program in our community. Thanks to its multiple investment options, low stay requirements, and profitable nature, it’s very popular among digital nomads, frequent travelers, and families.

Portugal Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) releases the monthly and cumulative data for Golden Visa. Here are Portugal Golden Visa statistics as of January 2023.

Portugal Golden Visa Statistics for January 2023

According to the latest data released by SEF at the end of January 2023,

  • 93 main applicants received their Golden Visa,
  • 153 family members accompanied the main applicants as their dependents.

Below is the breakdown of the nationalities for January:

  • 11 China
  • 21 USA
  • 10 UK
  • 8 Lebanon
  • 10 Brazil

In terms of investment type, here is the breakdown for January:

  • 75 applicants opted to proceed with real estate acquisition
    • 44 applicants for €500,000+ properties
    • 31 applicants for €350,000 renovated properties
  • 18 applicants opted to go for capital transfer
    • 18 applicants for Portuguese Golden Visa funds
    • 0 for capital transfer
    • 0 donation

Portugal Golden Visa attracted €43,408,827.38 to Portugal in December.

All-Time Portugal Golden Visa Statistics: 2012-2023

Nationalities That Have Applied for Portugal Golden Visa (2012-2023)

Since the start of the Golden Visa program in Portugal, the Chinese have continuously been the main source of applications. Brazil is second in terms of nationalities, followed by Turkey.

Since October 2012, 11,535 investors have received their Golden Visas and 18,809 family members have accompanied them. €6,494,500.00 has been invested in Portugal Golden Visa since then.

Investment in Real Estate: 10,668 residence permits

  • Real Estate / €500,000: 9,152 residence permits
  • Real Estate / €350,000 Urban Rehabilitation: 1,516 residence permits

Capital Transfer: 938 residence permits

  • Capital Transfer in a Portuguese Bank: 535 residence permits
  • Donation to research activities: 1 residence permit
  • Investment Fund: 389 residence permits
  • Capital Transfer + Creation of Jobs: 7 residence permits
  • Donation to cultural heritage in Portugal: 6 residence permits

Creation of 10 Full Time Jobs: 22 residence permits

Changes to Portugal Golden Visa (effective as of January 2022)

In February 2020, the Portuguese Parliament passed a budget proposal that aims to modify the Portuguese Golden Visa program. The parliament’s goal is to encourage investment in low-density areas, urban rehabilitation, employment creation, and cultural heritage preservation.

According to this;

  • The minimum investment amount for the Investment Fund option increased to €500,000 from €350,000.
  • The minimum investment amount for the Capital Transfer option increased to €1.5 million from €1 million.
  • Only property investments made in low-density areas of Portugal are going to qualify for a Golden Visa. This means that purchasing residential property in Lisbon or Porto no longer qualifies. However, commercial properties still do.

The changes to the Portugal Golden Visa took effect on January 1, 2022.

What Else You Need To Know

As we’ve briefly mentioned in the introduction, Portugal Golden Visa is highly popular in our community, especially among the ones from the US. Even one of them, Barbara was so kind to share her journey with us and our readers. Make sure you check out her Portugal Golden Visa journey for the first-hand experience. If you have any questions for her, please feel free to drop us an email and we’ll be more than happy to introduce you to each other.

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