N26 Income Sorter

N26 Income Sorter

Who among us would choose to work harder rather than smarter when it comes to money management? That is why N26 Income Sorter was established. It’s a simple method to save money every time you are paid.

Here’s a scenario you’ve all experienced: You get paid and intend to save a portion of your salary, but a few weeks pass and the money’s gone. With N26 Income Sorter, you may set aside a percentage of your salary as soon as it is received, allowing you to save money before you start spending. With a few swipes of your finger in your N26 app, you can get started right now.

How Does N26 Income Sorter Work?

N26 Income Sorter allocates a portion of all incoming bank transfers to one of your N26 Spaces sub-accounts automatically. For example, when you get a bank transfer of €400 or more, N26 Income Sorter sends 20 percent of that amount, or €80, to your space. Plus, you can personalize your sorter to suit your needs. Set the amount and percentage you want handled automatically, whether it’s on a €40 or €4,000 transfer. Then select the areas into which you want to split your salary and the percentage of your earnings that you want to send to each space.

Sort Your Salary Into Spaces

N26 Spaces and Income Sorter go hand in hand. Spaces are sub-accounts that reside alongside your primary account and are locations to save money or set money aside for bills. Make room in your budget for your next vacation, rent, or even a car—and then put some of your salary toward those aspirations.

Customers with the N26 Smart, N26 You, and N26 Metal plans, as well as premium Business account holders, can establish or join up to ten shared areas.

How To Start Sorting

All N26 premium customers have access to the income sorter. Turning on Income Sorter is simple if you already have a premium plan—N26 Smart, N26 You, or N26 Metal—by following these steps:

  • Go to the ‘Spaces’ menu on your N26 app
  • Select a Space, click ‘Manage’ and then ‘Income Sorter’
  • Turn on the ‘Enable Income Sorter’ switch.
  • Adjust the amount you want to set aside or use the N26 default setting

Source: N26

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