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Becoming a Digital Nomad Family

Being a digital nomad family sounds like a dream. Maybe some of you think traveling with children and family may not appear to be the most stress-free option. However, it is perfectly possible when you know the right tips and tricks.

In this article, you can find all the information you’ll need about digital nomad families, traveling with kids, and how to survive on your journeys. Let’s begin with the question: What is a digital nomad family?

What Is a Digital Nomad Family?

A digital nomad family would be one in which one or both parents work remotely while traveling with their children. They’re location independent and have more flexibility than parents who work in offices.

Digital nomad families can encounter distinct obstacles than single digital nomads do. A digital nomad family is likely to have various considerations since they are seeking remote work with a solid salary, an appropriate place to stay for kids, or digital nomad housing that is kid-friendly.

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Why Become a Digital Nomad Family?

Being a digital nomad family is one of the finest things you could do for yourself and your children for several reasons.

Pros of Becoming a Digital Nomad Family

  • Freedom: You have the flexibility to live your life at your speed and control your working time as well as with your family.
  • Creating wonderful memories: You're giving your children experiences they wouldn't have had if they had been stuck at home or in a school.
  • Explore world and culture: A child raised as a digital nomad will great opportunities. Being on the road means you'll be exposed to new learning cultures. When you're a digital nomad family, education and lifelong learning don't always have to be limited to online courses or printed workbooks.

Cons of Being a Digital Nomad Family

  • Full-time travel with the children: Working, living, and parenting simultaneously would be extremely difficult. Also, working on the road might be challenging at times. Beyond looking after your child, you should add additional duties to our daily routine, such as locating a safe parking spot, refilling your camper with drinking water, and acquiring a decent internet signal.
  • Making a living: Money is a major concern for everyone, but this is especially important if you have your family next to you. You always have to make sure you have enough savings. Obviously, as freelancers and self-employed individuals, your earnings might change from month to month, and that can be stressful at times.

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Tips for Digital Nomad Families

Being a digital nomad means embracing the knowledge era and the potential to expand your possibilities rather than relying on physical possessions.

Working as a digital nomad parent, on the other hand, demands a great deal of dedication and ambition. You can relate to several ideas and tactics which can help you on the road and that you are constantly learning can make things alright: 

Make Sure Your Children Are Aware of the Situation

Before going on the adventure as a digital nomad family, communicate with your kids and try to explain what their new life would be like. It will be a whole new experience for them and they should enjoy it.

You might begin by telling them about the destinations you’ll be seeing together. Remind them how every day will be enjoyable and that they might meet new people. Kids must get motivated to appreciate this new way of life.

Planning Goals for the Journey

The happiest travelers are realistic about their ambitions and content even if things don’t go as planned. Before going on a journey, get down with your family members and discuss your goals. The more open your family is to what you all desire, the better you’ll be able to make planning that all family will enjoy.

Simplify Your Life Before You Hit the Road

When you’re on your own, simple life can be easier to achieve. But when you’re on the road with your child, it can be challenging to decide what you need. 

Digital nomadism requires simplicity. We recommend starting the minimization and simplicity stage while you’re still in your hometown. It can help you discover whether you’re self-sufficient in terms of your possessions and habits. Also, it emotionally prepares your family for the reality of traveling. Enjoy spending your extra time with family members once you’ve simplified your life.

Search the Education Options

It’s difficult to raise children, and it’s much more so when you’re on the roads. Although parents consider themselves fortunate to be a part of their children’s daily lives, they sometimes feel overwhelmed. It’d have been easier for anyone to send them to a day childcare center and go about their normal lives.

We think that traveling with children is the most valuable educational experience they can provide experience. It evokes in their creativity and passion that they’d never have discovered at school.

You can search for some options for education the kids would need for their future. Some of them are:


Homeschooling is the most adaptable choice. You can educate your children from anywhere and anytime in the globe if you homeschool them. It is an educational choice with no limits.

There are several resources available for homeschooling families. Not all are specifically for digital nomad families, but the resources they give are still important.

Online School

Another alternative is to enroll your children in an online school. Since you'll require an internet connection, it seems to be less adaptable than homeschooling. When traveling by van or sailing, internet availability may be limited.

However, unlike homeschooling, you are less the teacher but more the parents with an online school system. It can be adaptable through that your children can learn location independently as long as they have access to the internet.

Packing Preparations

Organizing a long-term journey with children might seem difficult, which is why you should create a checklist, adjust it to your requirements while on the road, and keep it simple.

As a result, you may establish a set of rules as a digital nomad family. Of course, you may change the information to meet your requirements:

A Checklist Example

  • Prepare lightweight backpack or baggage
  • Consider both your mobile workplace and your travel requirements
  • Make certain that your belongings are organized and adaptable
  • Organize your clothing in color-coded.
  • Consider whatever your children require: activities, healthcare, books, and games
  • Bring all of your documents as well as photocopies.
  • Restrict your "emergency" products to those that you are certain of
  • Always keep a first-aid kit on hand
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and instead use bank cards or online payment methods

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Income as a Digital Nomad Family

After starting to travel full-time as a family, money is a major factor to consider. You should think about it more carefully than if you were traveling alone. Your children rely on you, therefore your money must come from a solid and consistent source.

Your trips should be funded by a mixture of a basic lifestyle, savings or investments, and independent work. The following are the most important factors in making it work:

  • Reduce the amount of money you spend on things that aren't required
  • Keep extensive records of every cent, dollar, or euro that enters and leaves your bank accounts
  • Clear all debts before you leave. Being debt-free provides you with more freedom
  • Maintain a budget. Create a list of everything you need weekly or monthly and stick to it. Save the others for later.
  • Bring everything you'll need with you from the house so you don't have to spend money on extra stuff

You are likely less cautious while you are younger and without a family to support than when you have children. If you’re traveling with family, it’s best to have a solid plan in place before you go.

Social Life of the Kids

After becoming a nomad family, one of the main worries for the children is their social life. As a parent, you might be worried if your child would feel alone.

However, no matter wherever you travel on the planet, there’ll always be nomad children. There are also several possibilities to reconnect with old friends through mobile apps or meet new ones anywhere. You can do it all while providing your children with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Healthcare for Digital Nomad Families

The more passengers traveling with you, the more likely it is that someone may require medical attention while overseas. International health insurance is available from several companies. Safety Wing, IMG Global, and World Nomads are three insurance firms that distinguish out.

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Being a Digital Nomad Family

It’s a wonderful opportunity to start your own digital nomad family. Although few individuals want to accept that risk, most families can afford to do so. When you decide to travel full-time with your family, you must also make active decisions. It might take months or years to achieve it but it will be one of the best choices you have ever made. Happy parents have happy children, and pleasant memories build a happy life.

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