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Pela Terra Fund: Portugal Golden Visa Fund Review


  • Investment Strategy: Yielding agricultural real estate
  • Minimum Investment Amount: €100,000
  • Fund Maturity: 7 years
  • Subscription Deadline: January 2023

The investment strategy for Pela Terra Farmland Fund is yielding agricultural real estate. The fund focuses on de-risking the investment portfolio. It aims to back the capital by farmland with tenants lined up before the land is acquired.

The targeted blended return is 7%.

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More on Pela Terra Fund

Pela Terra’s business model aims for stability, durability, and environmental restoration. The fund’s strategy is to lease land to sustainable partners. This results in predictable, contractually protected income.

Pela Terra Fund targets a 5% annual dividend from rent collection. It projects a conservative 2% per year in land appreciation. This leads to a blended total of 7% APY.

The fund charges a 1% fee to cover the initial account setup, and there is an annual 0.95% fee to cover the management of the investments. No other fees are incurred when your capital and profit are returned at the end of the fund.

The fund is fully managed by STAG Management SCR SA.

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