BlueCrow Growth Fund: Portugal Golden Visa Fund Review

BlueCrow Growth Fund: Portugal Golden Visa Fund Review


  • Investment Strategy: Diversified yielding real estate: retail, agricultural, industrial, hospitality
  • Minimum Investment Amount: €52,500
  • Fund Maturity: 7 years
  • Subscription Deadline: December 2022

The BlueCrow Growth Fund’s investment strategy entails investing in moderate risk assets that operate in the agricultural, industrial, and logistics sectors. BlueCrow Growth Fund is different than most other qualifying funds in actually having a track record of positive yielding active years.

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More On BlueCrow Fund

The BlueCrow Fund has Leisure & Hospitality, Industrial, and Agricultural assets.

Leisure & Hospitality Assets

Expanding mission: Sustainable locations and medium tourism operations in or near city centers.

Industrial Assets

Expanding mission: Industrial facilities and warehousing spaces for production, assembling.

Agricultural Assets

Mission: Search for companies developing high yielding farming assets; Land or processing and recycling facilities.

While the BlueCrow Fund focuses on maintenance and optimization of its current portfolio, it also targets “Agricultural Properties” and “Tourism Niche Projects”.   

One of its main objectives is the acquisition and development of high-yielding agricultural properties to co-operate with industry experts.

Another goal is to partner with international tourism players and invest in niche projects that link major cities with the traditional countryside.

The fund’s objective yield is 5%-6%.

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