NordVPN Review 2023: The Complete Guide

The online world browsing is constantly changing. Leading this change in new and innovative ways are companies like NordVPN. NordVPN provides secure and protected privacy whilst accessing all the websites you know and love. In this article, you can find information on this detailed NordVPN review. 


NordVPN Review in Brief

Is NordVPN an efficient service? Yes, of course.  NordVPN does not store any log for beginners. If you value your privacy, this is encouraging news. NordVPN also provides servers that may be used with a variety of streaming services. NordVPN is a fast VPN service with military-grade encryption and servers all over the world that are competitively priced.

You can read our in-depth NordVPN review below.

Features of NordVPN


From $3.30 a month








Zero logs


Other,Credit card,Cryptocurrency






Netflix, HBO, uTorrent, games, Disney Plus

Pros and Cons of NordVPN  

With any service that is payable via subscription, there are pros and cons. Below we have listed some of the many pros of NordVPN. Along with that, we have listed some of the cons too. 


  • NordVPN is a simple and easy-to-use service.
  • They provide excellent customer service and support.
  • Lightning-quick connection speeds with a huge fleet of specialized servers.
  • Affordable option and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to their customers.
  • Provides fantastic security and privacy at all times whilst being independently audited.
  • Available to pay for and use in countries such as China.
  • Available to pay for and use in countries such as China.


  • Despite offering Linux support, the client for Linux comes without access to any graphical interface.
  • NordVPN does not have an app that can be accessed via a router.
  • Lack of extensive language options for international customers.
  • Great customer support: accessible in different languages via phone and email

Common Features of NordVPN 

Each VPN service comes with its own specific features that are offered to its customers. NordVPN is no different in this regard. Below we have listed and specified some of the most noteworthy aspects of NordVPN’s services.

Speed and Performance 

NordVPN service is one of the forerunners when it comes to VPN service providers. Their server base is massive, and this allows for a constantly lightning-quick connection at all times for their users. This means that your speeds when using a VPN will not be lower than that of using your usual internet provider. 

nordvpn govisafree

Speed Test Results for NordVPN

Nowadays, NordVPN’s outstanding performance is absolutely astonishing. Earlier, the NordVPN service was unable to compete with the big VPN services. It has now created a niche for itself among them. On a local server and a US server, you can see both NordVPN servers. Please remember that your personal NordVPN speed experiences may vary based on your internet speed and location.

Without VPN

These are the results of the speed test without using a VPN

With A Local Server

The speed test results for your network while connecting to one of NordVPN’s local servers are shown above. There are slowdowns in both download and upload speeds, but these changes are minor in practice because the drop-off is so negligible compared to other servers.

US Server

The graphs above show the speeds obtained by your network if you connected to the fastest US server. The upload speed, in particular, has decreased significantly. For most VPN users, however, download speed is the most essential element. Because the latter isn’t as affected, we still rate NordVPN’s performance as good.

Varying Operating Systems Available 

NordVPN is available through a variety of different operating services. Amongst these are the likes of Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. This ensures that you are never left with an incompatible device unable to access your NordVPN services. 

NordVPN Price Options

Just like with their variety of operating systems, NordVPN service doesn’t discriminate when it comes to payment methods. You can pay with the traditional credit card or bank options. As well as this, you can even pay for your subscription through cryptocurrency. Also, Nord provides all their customers with a 30-day money-back guarantee. With amazing services, NordVPN costs a fair price. 

1 Month Plan

This package includes one month of NordVPN service. This is especially useful if you wish to give this VPN a try. This plan is available for $11.95 per month.

1 Year Plan

This plan enables you to access NordVPN’s services for a period of one year. This is available for just $4.99 each month.

2 Year Plan + 3 free months

You may extend your NordVPN security by purchasing a 24-month subscription. The cost of this membership is $3.71 per month.

Is There Any Plan for NordVPN Free?

NordVPN is an excellent VPN service that is well worth its low price. If you want to use NordVPN for free, you can do this by signing up for a 30-day risk-free trial.  Firstly, go to the NordVPN website and join up for a plan and pay the appropriate amount. Then, if you’re unhappy with the service, you may cancel it at any moment within 30 days and receive a full refund. This effectively lowers the NordVPN cost to zero.

Safety – Is NordVPN Safe?

Checking the VPN’s security and privacy policies is an important element of our VPN assessment process. This is unquestionably NordVPN’s strongest advantage. As previously stated, NordVPN’s headquarters are in privacy-friendly Panama.  A Panamanian court would have to be contacted if some government wanted to request your usage logs. Due to the lack of data retention rules in Panama, NordVPN is not legally obligated to keep the data it collects on its users.

In a word, here’s some information about NordVPN’s security:

  • There is a strict no-logs rule in the company.
  • NordVPN protects your data with AES 256-bit encryption.
  • The headquarters of NordVPN is in Panama.
  • For further security, you may apply their kill switch option.
  • Several encryption protocols are supported by NordVPN: IKEv2/IPSec, NordLynx, and OpenVPN TCP/UDP
  • To establish a NordVPN account, all you need is an email address and a password.

Torrent Access 

NordVPN allows access to Torrenting through their service too. Meaning you can download and transfer files through torrents just as you would on a regular public or home Wi-Fi service point. 

Multiple Accessibility 

It is important for your VPN services to be accessible through a variety of mediums. NordVPN understands this. Thus, NordVPN is accessible through mediums such as Netflix, Xbox, Disney+, HBO, and many, many more. These are especially useful with a VPN due to the hindrance of region-locked content on these platforms. 

Simultaneous Connections 

When using NordVPN you are not restricted to one device. You have the option of having up to six simultaneous connections going at once through your VPN provider. 

Log Policies and Protocols

NordVPN service has a zero log policy for you as the customer. As well as this, the variety of protocols it has access to include OpenVPN, Wireguard, and IKEv2. 


NordVPN is the leading candidate for VPN providers for a reason. Yes, their marketing campaign has been a major success and has made them a household name amongst anybody who uses social media. Whilst also granting you a swift overview into the many features that their services provide you with as the customer. Should you go with NordVPN as your VPN provider, it is safe to say that you will be happily secure with your new private and secure connection!

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