IPVanish Review 2023: The Complete Guide

IPVanish Review 2023: The Complete Guide

IPVanish, like many VPN providers, is on the rise at the moment. They are using their platform to promote their supposedly fast, secure, and dependable services. However, unlike companies such as NordVPN, IPVanish is in a tier below when it comes to its size. So, it is hard to know whether their claims live up to their words. In this short article, we’ll be looking at what we thought was positive and negative about IPVanish. As well as this, we’ll be listing some of their most prevalent features.


IPVanish Review in Brief

In this chapter of the article, we’ll be listing some of the most prevalent features of IPVanish as a VPN provider. Below are just some of IPVanish’s most prevalent features. 

Features of IPVanish


From $3,49 a month

Simultaneous Connection

No limited

Operating Systems




Payment Methods

Paypal,Credit card



Moneys-back Guarantee


Works With

Netflix, HBO, uTorrent,

Pros and Cons of IPVanish

With every VPN provider, there are pros and cons to using each one. The cons do become more prevalent with the lesser-known providers, however. Below we have listed some of the pros and cons of using IPVanish. 


  • One of the cheapest annual alternatives
  • On Android, split-tunneling is available
  • Kill switch can be customized
  • P2P speeds are well


  • No Linux app
  • Price increases after a year
  • Doesn’t work in China
  • Great customer support: accessible in different languages via phone and email

What Are the Most Common Features of IPVanish?

Now that we have gone over just some of the pros and cons of using IPVanish, now we’ll be listing some of the most prevalent features of IPVanish as a VPN provider. Below are just some of IPVanish’s most prevalent features. 

Speed and Performance 

IPVanish provides one of the fastest speeds in the VPN world. Even when you are utilizing your VPN service from the other side of the globe, you can still rest assured that your speeds will be lightning quick. 

Speed Test Results for IPVanish

A number of things influence the speed of your VPN connection. The closeness to the VPN server is one of the most critical factors. As a result, we’ve put IPVanish’s servers to the test. One of the major advantages of IPVanish is that it automatically connects you to the quickest server in a given nation or region.

We tested our speed while connecting to a local server and a server in the United States throughout our IPVanish review.

Without VPN

The results of the speed test without using a VPN. 

With A Local Server – Amsterdam

US Server

Varying Operating Systems Available 

IPVanish is available on a variety of operating systems. Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android are just a couple of the operating systems available.   It doesn’t work with Linux. If your operating system isn’t included, you may contact IPVanish customer service for assistance. They will instruct you on how to install IPVanish software on your device.

IPVanish Price Options

IPVanish is not extremely expensive by any means, however, it does fall short when compared to the pricing of other VPN providers. Every membership has the same features and settings. The fees are solely determined by the length of the VPN subscription you choose. The longer your membership, the lower your monthly payment will be.

Only their yearly plans are covered by their 30-day money-back promise. You won’t get a refund if you choose the monthly option if you want a free trial. All services allow for unlimited simultaneous connections, giving you complete control over the number of devices you may connect to the VPN with.

Credit cards and PayPal are two of the payment methods available. As a result, if you want to pay with cryptocurrency, you probably wouldn’t be able to.

They occasionally make discounts, you can check for the updated prices on their website.

There are 2 types of membership systems for IPVanish. One of them is monthly and the other one is yearly;



Is There Any Plan for IPVanish Free?

There isn’t a free version of IPVanish. Their 30-day trials are also non-refundable. As a result, the only method to test the service is to purchase a yearly package and request a refund.

Safety – Is IPVanish Safe?

PureVPN is known as a very secure VPN service. It employs AES-256 encryption and provides dependable tunneling techniques such as OpenVPN. Some of its logging policy decisions, however, are debatable. To learn more, keep reading this PureVPN review.

Torrent Access 

IPVanish lets you have an infinite number of P2P connections, allowing you to torrent safely and anonymously. During my testing, I noticed that while torrenting, my download rates dipped marginally, although the difference was barely perceptible.

Multiple Accessibility 

You can be unblocked using IPVanish. Netflix, HBO, and YouTube.

Simultaneous Connections 

IPVanish allows for an unlimited number of concurrent connections.

Log Policies and Protocols

They guarantee not to log or share your internet activity information and data. The email address and purchase form have been the only pieces of data gathered.

IPVanish appears to be quite trustworthy on a technical level. The OpenVPN encryption (256-bit AES-CBC, SHA256 data authentication, as well as a 2048-bit RSA handshake) is impressive. Three different protocols that may be used with this VPN. L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, or the standard protocol are all options (PPTP). Each protocol seems to have its own set of benefits.


So they are the most typical and prominent IPVanish traits. These may be compared to other VPN services to help you decide which one is best for you.

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