ExpressVPN Review 2023: The Complete Guide

VPNs are on the rise all over the world. ExpressVPN is one of the leading and most prevalent VPN service providers at the moment, offering trustworthy services to their customers. Like many VPNs, ExpressVPN provides stronger data protection, the ability to work seamlessly all over the world, and lightning-quick connection speeds. In this article, we’ll be going over swiftly what some of the main talking points of ExpressVPN are.

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Features Of ExpressVPN


From $12.95 a month

Simultaneous Connections


Operating Systems




Logs Policy

Zero logs

Payment Methods

Paypal,Credit card,Cryptocurrency


Lightway,L2TP,OpenVPN ,IKEv2,PPTP

Money-back Guarantee

30 days

Works With

Netflix, HBO,Amazon Prime,Hulu,iPlayer,uTorrent,Gaming Platforms

ExpressVPN Pros And Cons

There are pluses and minuses to every service, regardless of the medium, they are present within. ExpressVPN is no different. Below we have listed some of the pros and cons we found regarding ExpressVPN’s services:


  • All server locations have extremely high speeds.
  • On both apps and servers, advanced security is required.
  • Works with most international streaming sites
  • Works in China and the United Arab Emirates
  • Policy of zero logs
  • Live chat assistance is available 24/7


  • More expensive than its competitors.
  • There are no labels on streaming servers.
  • There are no extra features.
  • Great customer support: accessible in different languages via phone and email

What Are ExpressVPN’s Most Common and Prevalent Features?

Obviously, each VPN differs from the other, this is no different with ExpressVPN. This is why we have listed some of the most important prevalent features of ExpressVPN below so you can familiarise and contrast with other VPN providers. 

Speed and Performance 

When it comes to speed ExpressVPN is one of the best on the market. They boast well over 3000 servers. These servers are also based in 94 countries across the globe, making them a viable international option for many. As well as this, they also have over 30,000 IP addresses at their disposal. 

Speed Test Results for ExpressVPN

Depending on your present location, your results may differ. Your connection speed is also affected by variables such as your internet provider and usage limit. As a result, the data presented here are simply indicative of possible outcomes. Nonetheless, they may tell us how ExpressVPN’s servers will affect your connection speed overall.

Without VPN

These are the results of the speed test without using a VPN. 

US Server

ExpressVPN managed to provide download speeds of 85.84 Mbps and upload speeds of 68.59 Mbps with just 358 ms ping using the US server IP address we tried initially. The speeds were fine, however, the pings were really high.

Netherland Server

ExpressVPN was able to achieve a rapid download speed of 85.84 Mbps and an upload speed of 86.67 Mbps with a ping of just 127 milliseconds using the Netherlands server’s IP.

HongKong Server

ExpressVPN was able to get download speeds of 86.67 Mbps and upload speeds of 94.17 Mbps with a ping of only 259 milliseconds using the Hong Kong server.

Varying Operating Systems Available 

Apps for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows are available from ExpressVPN. It’s strongly encouraged to customers to use the applications supplied by their preferred VPN since they are typically simple to use, do not need manual settings, and allow access to additional services. ExpressVPN also has an interface for Linux users.

ExpressVPN Price Options

In terms of capping and pricing, ExpressVPN does not have any limits on their data caps for their users. You are fully able to server switch at your leisure. If you’re not ready for the commitment of paying for the service, they also offer a simple and helpful plan in which you can get 7 days of usage of ExpressVPN for free so that you can become familiar with the app before fully committing to them as your VPN provider.

ExpressVPN has three distinct membership levels to choose from. All three options provide the same excellent service; the only distinction is the plan’s length and monthly fee. They have a one-month plan for $12.95, a six-month plan for $9.99 a month, and a 12-month plan for just $8.32 a month.

The last choice, in particular, is a fair value for the qualities you receive. ExpressVPN also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is There Any Plan for ExpressVPN Free?

No. There is no free or trial version of ExpressVPN. However, you can purchase the service and request a return through a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Safety – Is ExpressVPN Safe?

ExpressVPN has healthy security and privacy background. This can be traced back to the jurisdiction in which the company is based, that being the British Virgin Islands. This location is generally seen as one of the most privacy-friendly locations due to the fact they do not have any surveillance sharing agreements with other nations. 

ExpressVPN has never had any detected leaks that are to public knowledge, they use in the standard 256-bit encryption, and suggest the OpenVPN UDP protocol. For encryption, these are the highest global standards.  As well as this, they also include a kill switch with their extra security and privacy services, this feature specifically hinders the potential for any network data from leaking beyond the VPN tunnel if the VPN connection were to fail for whatever reason. 

They also provide a clear stance in regards to their negative opinion on keeping logs of personal data of users. However, they do collect some data, such as location choices, connection time, apps installed, and the complete amount of data transferred by the user. But as said, they are completely against the idea of keeping comprehensive logs on their user’s privacy

Torrent Access 

ExpressVPN makes it simple to download torrents. This will also be incredibly rapid due to the great speed of their servers. When you use ExpressVPN, you’ll be able to use its safety when downloading, ensuring that you’re practically entirely anonymous.

Multiple Accessibility 

ExpressVPN can be used for the Fire TV and Kindle Fire, as well as for instructions for using the services on Apple TV, PlayStation, and Xbox. Also, ExpessVPN is accessible through mediums such as Netflix, Xbox, Disney+, HBO, and many, many more. 

Simultaneous Connections 

When using ExpressVPN you don’t have to use it on one device. You have the option of having up to five simultaneous connections going at once through a VPN provider. 

Log Policies and Protocols

No traffic or IP records are kept by ExpressVPN. As a result, they have no knowledge of your online activities.

The following protocols are supported by ExpressVPN:

  • OpenVPN UDP: The finest speed and safety combo, though it might not operate on all networks.
  • OpenVPN TCP: Known to operate on a wide range of networks and is perhaps the most secure VPN protocol available, however, it may be slower than UDP.
  • L2TP/IPSec: Less secure, yet helpful for anonymization and switching sites when other protocols fail.
  • IKEv2: Fast in general, although not all networks support it, and it has fewer configuration options than OpenVPN. It does, however, function on iOS, but OpenVPN does not.
  • Lightway: ExpressVPN is working on this new protocol.


All of the main components of a VPN service are well-served by ExpressVPN. They provide excellent speeds and reliable connections. The consumer-friendliness of ExpressVPN is what makes it a popular VPN service. Their website and platforms are user-friendly and attractive. As a result, their services are available to anybody. Despite the fact that ExpressVPN has a pricey side, they consistently rank at the top of most best VPN rankings.

We hope you can find everything you need in our ExpressVPN Review article.

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