Property (transfer) tax calculator/ Investment calculator real estate in Portugal

You can find a guide how to simulate the taxes and the business case here

A: IMT tax and stamp tax simulation

The property transfer tax is called IMT (Imposto Municipal Sobre as Transmissões Onerosas de Imóveis) and can be simulate din the section A.

Property price
Is the property located on the mainland or on the islands?
What kind of property?

Simulation results

IMT to pay
Stamp duty
Total IMT tax to pay

B. IMI Tax Simulation

In Section B you can simulate the annual property tax IMI (Imposto Municipal sobre móveis).

Tax Value of Property
IMI Tax Rate
Simulatiotn Results

C. Rental Investment Simulation

We provided in section C and extensive calculator to simulate a business case for five years for real estate investments regarding long and short term renting

Renovation Costs
Do you want to do short term or long term renting?

Long Term Renting

Expected rental income per year
Facility management fee per year
Renting management fee per year
Rental growth per year
Rental growth per year
Rental growth per year

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